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Information on our privacy statement

Any personal information collected during visits to our websites is processed in accordance with the provisions of German law. Our data protection policy also complies with the internal data protection guidelines of the All Yacht Services LTD Group. 

Our websites may contain links to other providers’ websites that are not covered by this privacy statement.

All Yacht Services LTD respects your personal privacy.

Collection and processing of personal data

All Yacht Services LTD stores your personal information if you provide it to us yourself, for example, during registration, as part of a survey or competition, or during contractual transactions (e.g. booking a cruise).

Furthermore All Yacht Services LTD analyses traffic on its website in order to understand our customers' requirements and, based on these, to continually improve our site. For this reason we store the IP address of a visitor’s Internet Service Provider as standard. The IP address is not linked to a specific person. Only anonymous, aggregate data is evaluated for statistical purposes during web analysis.

Data from individual uses of our website is stored for error analysis. This information is used solely for correcting errors and is deleted after a two week storage deadline. 

All Yacht Services LTD uses cookies to track visitor preferences and to improve the design of its websites accordingly.

When a rating is submitted for a website, anonymised and non-personal data will be forwarded to a third party supplier. 

Use of the web analysis tool Google Analytics

All Yacht Services LTD carries out access measurements on All Yacht Services LTD websites using the web analysis tool Google Analytics. Cookies are used for measurement and the access data is collected in an anonymised form so that no connection can be made to a user. In particular this is done by anonymising the IP address.

The information produced about the use of the websites is transferred in anonymised form to the statistics server (statse.Google that is operated by Google Analytics Inc, 555 SW Oak Street, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97204, USA (“Google Analytics”) in the United States.

Only authorised persons have access to this anonymised data.

Limitations on use and disclosure of personal data

All Yacht Services LTD will process and use your personal data only in connection with services related to the website All Yacht Services and the All Yacht Services LTD newsletter. This enables us to offer you a customized service and/or can also save you from having to enter the same information twice. We only utilize as much information as is necessary.

We will not share your personal data with third parties. Any partner services offered on All Yacht Services are booked directly with these partners. You will be advised of this accordingly. 

Some of our services give you the opportunity to store personal information (e.g. FAQ). Such information will only be used to respond to your current inquiry. After your inquiry is closed, this information will not be retained without requesting your permission to do so.

If Government agencies or authorities ask us to collect or share personal data, we will do so only within the appropriate legal frameworks. We require our employees, suppliers and partners to maintain confidentiality and data secrecy in accordance with Article 5 of the German Federal Data Protection Act.


We would like to use your data to tell you about our products and services and those of our partners, and also to conduct occasional surveys. You decide whether or not you would like to be contacted by us. If you change your mind, you can alter your preferences at any time in the 'Newsletter and SMS services' section under 'My Account' > 'My Profile'.

Cookies: Personalized surfing

To ensure that our service is as userfriendly as possible we use so-called cookies and web beacons.

A “cookie” is a small text file which a webserver (for example the webserver) sends to your browser when you visit a website. So-called “session cookies” expire at the end of the browser session and can capture your activities during the browser session. In contrast to these, there are “permanent cookies” which are saved on your terminal and these are able to capture your settings or activities on multiple websites.

Web beacons are small graphic data (also known as ‘Pixel Tags’ or ‘Clear GIFs’), which can be included in our websites, apps, applications and newsletters and are usually used in combination with cookies to identify users and user behavior. The above mentioned statements about cookies apply accordingly for web beacons; web beacons will in particular not be used in case you objected to the use of the relevant cookie.

Cookies pose no risk to your computer, as they are simply text files and not executable programs.

The cookies on the All Yacht Services LTD website ( are used both to ensure convenient browsing and for market research and advertising purposes, as well as to collect statistics on use. We also use cookies for the purpose of web tracking, and they form the basis of your personalised content.

Besides so-called “session cookies” which are deleted when you end your browser session, we put in place permanent cookies. Cookies are stored until deleted by the user. No personal data is stored in the cookies used by us.

It depends on your browser’s settings as to whether the cookie file is stored or deleted. If the file is stored, our webserver can recognise your terminal. Next time you visit the site or when you switch between functions requiring you to enter a pass-word, the cookie can save you re-entering information. This is how cookies make it easier for you to use websites requiring user input. Additionally, cookies can help us offer you the most personalised, optimised surfing experience, as long as you give us permission to do so.

That is unless you explicitly reject cookies and deactivate them as set out below:
You can set your browser either to receive our cookies or use our website without cookie functionality. In the latter case however your text entries in our form fields cannot be saved for future searches, and you will have to input your data again when you next visit our website. In this case we will also unfortunately not be able to present personally tailored content to you.

Your browser may already be set to display a warning whenever it receives a cookie. As the identification cookie must be resent every time an individual page on our website is opened, this warning can be very disruptive. We therefore recommend that you set your browser to always accept cookies from You can change this setting for individual websites.

You can find more information on the use of cookies and on how to deactivate cookies at or

Irrespective of saved cookies, for security reasons you must still log in each time you access areas of our site that require registration.

All Yacht Services LTD also includes the data contents of third parties at These third party providers can set cookies, while you visit and in doing so can, for example, get the information that you called up on www. Please visit the websites of third party providers, to get further information on their use of cookies. If you have decided fundamentally not to provide or to revoke your consent (deactivation of cookies) for the use of cookies, which are subject to approval; you will only be able to use those features on our website that are guaranteed not to use cookies.

The integration of social networks

At various places on its websites and mobile applications All Yacht Services LTD provides social network features. These include:

All All Yacht Services LTD’s online offers are essentially accessible and useable even without utilizing social networks. If you use the additional features, please note the following information about data handling:

1. Linking to All Yacht Services LTD offers in social networks

Linking All Yacht Services to one of our offers in social networks, e.g. to our Facebook page, involves simple links to other providers’ websites. With such a link, All Yacht Services LTD does not transmit any personal information to this other provider. However, All Yacht Services LTD would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in principle, the online offers of third parties are able to identify the source of a visit, at the very least. All Yacht Services LTD has no influence over how third parties treat data; likewise All Yacht Services LTD’s Privacy Statement does not cover third-party websites.

2. Forwarding and recommendation functions for All Yacht Services LTD content (e.g. ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons)

At various places in All Yacht Services LTD online offers All Yacht Services LTD gives you the option of sharing and recommending its content on social networks. By doing so, All Yacht Services LTD is offering you a convenient alternative to copying and sending links.

When you visit All Yacht Services LTD pages and use the recommendation functions, All Yacht Services LTD communicates the URL to the social network you have picked. A number of networks then immediately supplement the link with an excerpt of the content provided by All Yacht Services LTD. With most social networks, you are asked for confirmation before this is saved or forwarded.

Please note that All Yacht Services LTD has neither knowledge of nor influence on how social networks deal with the information you share with them and whether this information is made available to other websites. All Yacht Services LTD recommends that you read their privacy policies carefully in each case.

3. Linking All Yacht Services LTD offers with social networks

On All Yacht Services LTD online offers All Yacht Services LTD provides you with optional features, the use of which is connected to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or XING. If you use social networks, these features make it easier for you to use the All Yacht Services LTD site.

At the same time, these features allow the All Yacht Services LTD content to be adapted to your individual interests, e.g. to show you which of your contacts has already been to a certain destination and may perhaps be able to give you a few tips.

3.1 Social Login

‘Social login’ (also known as ‘social sign-in’) represents an enhancement of the traditional login to the All Yacht Services LTD online offers. In place of your Miles & More service number or your user-ID and PIN, you choose the preferred network with which you would like to be identified to All Yacht Services LTD from a list of the various social networking services.

When you click on one of the buttons, a window from the selected network opens to ask you for your permission for All Yacht Services LTD to access your personal profile. Depending on the network, you will also be told which information in your profile All Yacht Services LTD is accessing as soon as you have given your permission for this.

Which profile information will be used? 
As a rule, this information is your publicly available data in social networks, such as first name, surname, title/gender, date of birth, your relevant network identification number (UID), place of residence and country. Depending on the network and your existing privacy settings, this public information also includes your email address, the list of your friends and contacts, your interests (e.g. ‘Likes’) and your activities within the network in question. There is also the option of releasing further information if you expressly give your consent to this.

How will my data be processed – and for what? 
All Yacht Services LTD saves the profile information in a separate database so that it can identify you again on your next visit.

Will data from my All Yacht Services LTD profile be used? 
In order to be able to identify you quickly and clearly on your next visit to All Yacht Services LTD offers, All Yacht Services LTD assigns an anonymised user ID to the same database in which it also saves your profile information from your preferred social network. Personal information which you have entrusted to All Yacht Services LTD remains with All Yacht Services LTD and will not be transmitted to third parties.

Will my data go to third parties? 
All Yacht Services LTD uses your data from social networks solely to improve its own services on the web and in mobile All Yacht Services LTD apps. Information is not passed to third parties provided that the service you use does not explicitly allow for this and that you have not consented to it.

If you wish, for example, that All Yacht Services LTD publishes the fact that you have checked in for your next cruise in your name in your personal network on Facebook, this check-in information will be passed on to Facebook. This service would not be possible without a data transfer.

All Yacht Services LTD respects your privacy and handles your data carefully and transparently. That is why All Yacht Services LTD recommends that all customers treat social networks sensibly and regularly check and adjust their privacy settings.

Can I also delete the link to a social network? 
You can withdraw consent for access to your profile on a social network at any time in your relevant social network. If you do this, you also withdraw your consent for the use of this information for advertising and marketing purposes.