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About us

All Yacht Services is operating since 2006 in Malta as yacht-charter and yacht-maintenance company.
Mainly started operating from the beautiful Grand Harbour Marina, we included "Tip Top One", Malta's largest day sailing catamaran, to our fleet. "Tip Top One" and "Tip Top Too" are located in Sliema next to Tigne point at berth 90-93 opposite Burger King / Nazzarenu Church.

Our crew consists of experienced members which grew up in the maritime business like ex. RMAF engineer or our Captain with over 200.000NM experience on sailing vessels. But most important is that our crew members simply love what they are doing.


Our motto is: We offer the same service of what we would like to have for ourselves!



As  we are working at sea since many years, we are concerned about the degrading marine environment, missing marine life, garbage and pollution.

Therefore we started in 2015 to change to reusable glasses and bio degradable plates.

For our smaller groups we use reusable cutlery and plates,  for our larger groups we try to avoid plastic as much as we can, instead of plastic cutlery we try to use bio degradable corn starch cutlery, instead of plastic straws, we use pasta straws etc.
(We still find boxes with plastic cups and cutlery in our stores, these we use as long as we still have some as it does not make sense to just throw them away..)

In order to minimise our impact to the environment further we installed solar panels and wind generator to avoid running a generator for our electric needs.

We also try to use the sails instead of the engines and just invested in a new mainsail for our 2019 season, please understand that sailing might take longer than using the engine. If the time to reach our destination is not so important to you, just let us know and we switch off the engines entirely!

We tried to keep our prices at the previous years levels, please excuse if some menus went up, these have been increased due to the higher prices of ingredients rather than not using plastic cups ;)

We kindly ask our clients to assist us in our efforts and do not throw any garbage in the sea, but instead in the dedicated garbage cans on board, that is already a good start!

If you have suggestions how we further could advance our daily cruise's, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Looking forward to welcome you on board!


We like to bring you to the best places during each specific cruise, for that and safety reasons, we make sure to check the weather forecast frequently, compare jellyfish report's and try to judge which bay will not be too overcrowded.

We will not stop in Comino Blue Lagoon, as for us it is an overrated tourist trap. Do not get me wrong, it is a beautiful place if not a couple of thousand people are trying to find an empty space.. however we do sightsee the Blue Lagoon.
The best time of year to stop in Blue Lagoon is in October, when the sea is still warm and the mass of local boats are not present very often. Like this one can appreciate the view of the famous Blue Lagoon.

Instead, we prefer to go to Gozo and other places which are best suitable for the day!
A typical cruise could bring you to Gozo's ramla bay or Comino Crystal Lagoon with a stop at St. Paul's Island on the way back. Also a cruise through the Grand Harbour prior our return to the berth in Sliema is highly recommended.
Just talk to us on the day and we suggest you the best places.

Also please excuse if we are not leaving harbour if we think the weather is not good enough to do so. Others will do so, however, this will not change our decision...

Our fleet:

Tip Top One:

  • Length: 24.99m
  • Beam 12m
  • Maximum Passengers 60
  • Cruising speed 10 Knots
  • Bathing Steps
  • 4 Tables seating 8 persons each
  • 2 Tables seating 6 persons each
  • 2 sun nets for 15 persons each
  • Large deck area
  • 2 toilet's
  • Stereo system (Bluetooth)

Tip Top Too:

  • Length: 17,05m
  • Beam 9.15m
  • Cruising speed 8 Knots
  • Maximum Passengers 45
  • Bathing Steps
  • Outside shower
  • 2 Tables seating 7 persons each (outside, under sunshade)
  • 1 Table seating 5 persons (inside saloon)
  • 1 Table seating 7 persons (inside saloon)
  • 2 sun nets for 4 persons each
  • Large deck area
  • 2 Electric WC
  • Stereo system (Bluetooth)